Read why our students  (and parents) love the Art Academy!

'Not only is my daughter gaining skills in art, she is also learning to be more patient and less impulsive., to plan ahead and keep her eye on a long term goal.   She is learning that some mistakes can be corrected and  and some mistakes are the spur to greater cared in the future and to take mistakes in stride. She finds art class satisfying and fulfilling It leaves her happy with herself and generally content in a way that no other extra curricular activity has.' 


'After every session the results are magnificent!' -Hinda B

'Our house is bright with Naomi's art. It's such a pleasure to look at the walls and see the wonderful progress she's made in the two years that she's been studying in The Art Academy'


'My children and I count down the days of the week until their art lessons. The lessons empower the children to explore their creativity, and to feel good and confident about themselves'- Sarah G

'Pessy's Art Classes are so much fun. I would like to come everyday!'


'I really enjoy the creativity and fun of the classes'


I didn't know how artistic my daughter was until she started classes by Pessy. We are amazed every time she brings back her artwork. Pessy really know how to bring out their best and let them  use their creativity and imagination!


I loved to hear my daughter recounting all the ins and outs of creating each picture and about all the new types of supplies utilized and techniques employed. Pessy - Thanks so much for another great summer art camp experience. (Candice Brenner - mother of art student)

The paintnite party was SO enjoyable!


It was relaxing, satisfying and just lots of fun!


Pessy really helped guide me to paint something I could never have done alone, in just one evening - a beautiful finished product!


I'm really looking forward to more!

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