Since our inception, The Art Academy has been redefining professional art education in  the frum  world. 

We believe that anyone can learn how to paint and draw. There's no difference how young or how old. We have taught students as young as two, as well as grandmothers. Everyone can enjoy freedom of expression through art. 


Founded in 2012, The Art Academy has been empowering children and adults through simply teaching art techniques and skills through a structured and engaging curriculum. Our students then gain confidence and are empowered to express themselves through art. 


We teach beginners, advanced and private lessons to adults and children. Contact us today to find out what's right for you.


Pessy  Samson

Some could say I've been drawing since I was born, well nearly..
I've always enjoyed drawing, doodling and doing things with my hands. Seeing that I needed to learn art properly my mother sent me to a private after school art school. 

For years, I enjoyed the one time a week when I could be free- expressing myself through art. 

Whilst there, I learned a lot about art, but more importantly how each person approaches art individually and that's really what art is. 

At the end of each session, our teacher would place our artwork on the wall and we would discuss the different approaches. Learning to realise art is individual is something I impart in my own teaching. 

Giving students the ability to have the confidence to show their own voice brings me much joy. Seeing the student's confidence and abilities evolve from proper art education is what pushes me to keep on sharing our success with students all over Israel and the UK.

Educated at a private art school in Melbourne, I am fulfilling my dream of sharing my passion for proper art education with the wider Jerusalem community and now the UK. 

I have participated in and won several art competitions as well as receiving art scholarships and completing VCE Studio Arts. 

I love teaching kids and adults the power of knowledge in art.

I am also available for commissions. Contact me to find out more. 

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